Thomas Biaggi

Managing Director

Managing Director

Tom Biaggi is one of the most experienced and respected special situations and restructuring professionals in the industry, with more than 35 years of experience at managing and restructuring loans and distressed loans.

Prior to joining M3, Tom served as Special Assets Group Executive at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML), where he had global responsibility for the management of all distressed loans within the bank’s portfolio.  The group was comprised of 700 employees at its peak during the global economic crisis, before normalizing at approximately 200 by 2019.

In addition to his time spent in Special Assets, Mr. Biaggi served as the Senior Risk Executive for Leveraged Finance, Media & Telecom, Sports and Gaming.  During his tenure at BAML, Mr. Biaggi served as a member and then Chair of its Commercial Credit Risk Policy Committee and as a voting member of its Allowance for Loan Loss Committee.  He also has served as the Senior Risk Approver for the quarterly Commercial Asset Quality Projections, a multi-year projection of the bank’s commercial loan quality, including projected losses under baseline and stressed scenarios.  Mr. Biaggi has served as a senior point of contact with the OCC, Federal Reserve, FDIC, and the banks’ internal Credit Review and Audit functions.  Throughout his tenure at BAML, Mr. Biaggi has worked to balance a regulated institution’s need for quick resolution of its distressed assets against the desire to maximize value by taking the actions and exhibiting the patience necessary to rehabilitate a company over time.

Mr. Biaggi has worked on commercial loans of all types, including those originating in the Business Banking, Middle Market, Large Corporate and Commercial Real Estate lines of business.  Among the specific exposures that he managed for BAML were Infotechnology, Sunbeam, Loral Space & Communications, Conseco Insurance, Ticor Title Insurance, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance, and American Healthcare.  Over his career, Mr. Biaggi also has chaired numerous Creditor and Lender Steering Committees.  During his tenure at BAML, Mr. Biaggi has mentored a number of individuals who now hold key positions in its Risk organization or at other firms in the industry.

Mr. Biaggi began his career in 1979 in factoring, first at Walter E. Heller & Company and then at Republic Factors, working in the Credit Department at both firms and dealing primarily with small to medium size companies in the garment industry.

Mr. Biaggi graduated the Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York in 1979.  He volunteers as a ski instructor with the Adaptive Sports Foundation in Windham, NY.