Testimony and Litigation Support

Providing Expert Testimony on Financial and Business Issues

Supported by Dedicated and Highly Effective Teams

Having testified more than 50 times in the past three years, M3’s senior professionals bring an abundance of trial-tested experience to our Testimony and Litigation Support practice.

M3’s witnesses are highly qualified finance and business professionals. Our successful track record in court means that we know how to communicate complex information clearly and effectively to judges and juries while working in lockstep with lawyers and their clients.

M3 Partners also has deep experience providing sophisticated research, analysis, and support to law firms and trial teams. We help to achieve desired outcomes using proven financial modeling and business metrics, delivered with unwavering professionalism and integrity.

In addition to our testifying senior professionals, we also have an extensive network of academic and business leaders who can act as witnesses with the strong backing of the M3 team.

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Commercial Litigation

150Mlsettlement in favor of our client after bench trial; M3 testified on valuation, market scope and contract interpretation issues

  Netflix, Inc. v. Relativity Media Adv. Pro. No. 18- 01552 (MEW)

Sale Approval & Chapter 11 Plan Confirmation

12Blin liabilities modified via a plan of reorganization; M3 testified as to the soundness of future business plan projections and valuation

 In re Sears Holdings Corporation Case No. 18-23538


100plRecovery:  M3 testified regarding a complex valuation of assets, claims and inter-class gifting

In re Remington Outdoor Company Inc., et al., Case No. 20-81688-CRJ11

Expert Analysis

Support You Can Depend On

M3 delivers exceptional results for lawyers and their clients from the initial filing to the final ruling.